Or how non-challenging jobs killed my creativity and motivation — and how I got it back

Storytelling mode: on.

*Thoughts that come to you while being stuck on a public bus*

The other day, when the bus trip to the city took once more longer than planned thanks to escalating Bangkok traffic, I did something I usually don’t do anymore. I checked some of my Facebook groups. When reading…

Hannibal Smith of the original “A-Team” always had a plan that came together.

One of my favorite TV shows ever was the “A-Team”. The original. Not that ungodly movie remake a few years ago. The ‘real’ A-Team with Mr. T as B.A. Baracus and with George Peppard as “John “Hannibal” Smith”. Nothing against Liam Neeson and his unique set of skills. …

Sascha Funk

Uni lecturer in #BKK. New Media & ED #Volleyball, #MuayThai. https://saschafunk.com — @mythaiorg, hosting @FunkItPod| it’s not rain, it’s liquid sunshine

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