Design Thinking for Higher Education

What is design thinking?

Why should you care about design thinking?

What does design thinking look like in higher ed?

How can you implement design thinking at your university?

What are the barriers to adopting design thinking in higher ed?

  • It can be difficult to implement with a large number of stakeholders who are not all on board with its principles;
  • It can also be difficult to implement when your organization is large enough that some teams aren’t willing or able to collaborate with each other; and finally…
  • The process itself is hard work — you have to put in the hours before you get any results out of it!

Institutions that use design thinking are more successful by every measure.

  • The United States Army was losing soldiers during training exercises because they couldn’t find their way out of the woods at night when they were lost on foot patrol in unfamiliar terrain — their maps didn’t have enough detail or context to help them navigate safely through difficult territory while also avoiding enemy fire and booby traps. So they worked with Niantic Labs (the company that created Pokemon Go) to create a new game called Ingress, which gave soldiers an augmented reality experience where they could learn how landmarks relate spatially in order to improve their ability to navigate more efficiently.
  • A hospital wanted its patients feeling more welcome during their stay by creating an app that would allow them access information about what was going on around them without having someone explain things every time someone asked for something simple (like “Where are my clothes?”). The result was a playful interface with helpful content tailored specifically for each person based on what staff know about his/her preferences from previous visits so as not only provide accurate information but also make sure it feels personalized too!





Uni lecturer in #BKK. New Media & ED #Volleyball, #MuayThai. — @mythaiorg, hosting @FunkItPod| it’s not rain, it’s liquid sunshine

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Sascha Funk

Sascha Funk

Uni lecturer in #BKK. New Media & ED #Volleyball, #MuayThai. — @mythaiorg, hosting @FunkItPod| it’s not rain, it’s liquid sunshine

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